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What We Do

Physical Address Verification

Digital Runner physically visits an address for conducting verification and capturing data as per customer’s requirement

Property Validation

Physical visit to a property for visual inspection, collection of data and photos. Be it a factory, training center, or rental flat. Call us for any specific requirements.


Aadhaar based KYC available on-demand. Target an individual customer and send us a request for completing the KYC / eKYC formalities. APIs available.

Data Collection

Choose any Pincode, Taluka, District or whole State, create your own Form for data collection via our Mobile App, and request for data collection.

App Marketing

Get verified enrollment for your app (not just download!). Specially for those apps where social media marketing fails to reach target customer. Contact us to learn more.

OnDemand India Stack

Software applications for eKYC or eSign are available, via APIs too. Further, our on-ground Digital Runners can visit the customer and assist him in paperless digital onboarding using a mobile app.

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